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About Fvneral Fvkk

FVNERAL FVKK bring the depravity back to a genre which is starving for more filth. Corrupting members of the german cult acts FÄULNIS and OPHIS, this new, rotten entity emerged from the pits of sodomy in Hamburg/Germany. Formed in early 2015, its sole purpose is to celebrate the sacral, angelic atmosphere of Epic Doom Metal… and then rape it all over.

FVNERAL FVKK combine the pastoral beauty and solemnity of a cathedral (musically) with the infidelity and vileness of a cemetary prostitute (semantically), with lyrics that deal exclusively with the debaucheries of the clergy. His Holiness is a foul pervert and this band serves as vessel of His demented will!

So, join the Church of the Holy Fvkk and enjoy the transgressions of the first EP "Lecherous Liturgies"

Rituals are performed by the council of:

Cantor Cinaedicus - Invocations & Enticements
Decanus Obscaenus - Ropes & Chains
Vicarius Vespillo - Diggings & Burials
Frater Flagellum - Beatings & Whippings